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Penis Enlargement Methods: Extenders and Stretchers vs. Interventional Surgery – Compare the Costs and Results – Your Choice Should Be Wise and Balanced

The idea of penis enhancement has become rather widely spread among adult male population nowadays. According to surveys and interviews, a considerable share of adult male population (from two thirds to three quarters according to different sources) is not satisfied with the dimensional parameters of their manhood as they are and seriously considers adding a few inches to their penis, to boost their male ego, libido and overall sexual performance. In many cases this idea is of purely cosmetic origins, since majority of men have quite normal, average penises of six inches in length when properly erected. On the other hand, there are poor souls with undersized penises. Such persons are a quite different story – they really need a good enhancement to the length and girth of their manhood. Otherwise they are destined to suffer the embarrassment and humiliation in corresponding circumstances, fearing the disappointment and derision of their partners, if it comes to love-making. They are so desperate to improve the size of their manhood that they are ready to take any possibility of penis enlargement, even if it is interventional surgery!

Well, let us assume, you have made a firm decision to enhance the size of your manhood, whatever the reasons behind this decision might be. Obviously, the next stage of the plan is to establish a suitable method of penis enlargement: surgery, natural pills and exercises, vacuum penis pumps or penile extenders (sometimes referred to as stretchers). The number of pens enlargement medications and gadgets, advertised at various on-line stores, through commercial e-mails, on TV and in other mass media could seem overwhelming for a newbie.

You should be given a word of caution in advance: such widely advertised methods as all-natural herbal pills and vacuum pumps are useless for the purposes of penis enlargement. Vacuum penis pumps help people with erectile dysfunction. Those, who have lost the natural ability of getting a decent hard-on when sexually aroused (the reasons for this irregularity could be different) should make good use of a vacuum penis pump. Still, a pump just manages to give a good hard-on to your penis when you need it. As soon as the pump is removed, the penis returns to its original state and size. There are no noticeable positive after-effects even after the extended period of a pump’s usage. The same can be said about enhancement supplements and pills. They are quite efficient for helping with low libido problems; they improve blood circulation and fight off erectile problems. Still, for penis enlargement you should look some other way.

In fact, there are not so many options left for you, if your objective is ACTUAL penis enlargement – you can either submit yourself to penile surgery, or make use of a penis extender like SizeGenetics or any other good quality penis traction device. The third choice left for you is practicing natural penis enlargement exercises. So, three option, altogether.

Now, in order to make a wise and balanced decision all three methods should be properly evaluated, so you can make an adequately supported choice that you will not regret afterwards.

In the first place, let us consider the financial reasons. The cost of penis enlargement surgery comes to several thousand dollars. It includes the pre-surgery consultations and preparations, then the operation itself as well as a lengthy period of after-surgery recovery. From the financial point of view the most expensive penis extenders may seem almost a free breakfast in comparison with astronomical expenses involved into the penis enlargement surgery. As for the natural penis extension exercises, they are even less expensive than a penis extender, since you can practice them absolutely for free with your own crafty hands.

Secondly, let us have a look at the issue of safety and possibility of adverse side-effects. The penis enlargement surgery is far from being 100% safe, though you pay astronomical money for this operation. Even if the surgery is performed by the best, most experienced (and, consequently, most highly-paid specialists) there is a chance that something goes wrong. The most common after-surgery side-effects include permanent penis disfigurement, downwards pointing erection, permanent impotence and others. For correction of such results of unsuccessful penis enlargement surgery attempts an unlucky patient has to pay additionally, as for another operation.

Penis extenders and natural penis extension exercise, on the contrary, are perfectly safe, if practiced correctly. It is understandable, since they do not involve any intervention into the tissue structure of your manhood. A male penis is an extremely sensitive and vulnerable part of anatomy. It should be treated with the utmost care and consideration, but not with a sharp lancet. It goes without saying that even when doing manual penis extension exercise an overzealous person can inflict certain harm to his penis, though it would be not an easy feat! The same is true for a penis extender – it should be adjusted carefully, according to attached instructions. If a user goes along the safety guidelines, a penis extender is perfectly safe.

Thirdly, what about the results produced by each of our three penis enlargement methods: surgery, penis extender and a system of manual exercises? Here the biggest surprise is waiting for you! Penis enlargement surgery DOES NOT make your penis actually longer. It just releases a part of its stem that normally is hidden inside and not visible. A surgeon severs special ligament that harnesses your penis to the pubic bone and supports it in the erected state. The part of the penis, which was previously unseen, comes out and the penis looks as if it has become longer. But technically it is of the same length as before!

On the contrary to penis enlargement surgery, the extenders and exercises can actually stimulate the growth of your penis tissues in the desired direction. This effect is achieved thanks to regularly applied traction force. By the way, herbal enhancement pills can be a good auxiliary supplement to be introduced in combination with exercises or an extender. The beneficial effects will be sooner to appear!

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