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Natural Lip Gloss

The mankind has created a great variety of different cosmetic products but unfortunately they are not in demand any longer as most of people wish to use only organic products. Nowadays, organic products are very popular as they don't have any negative side effects. Any product being sold in the market and having herbal and natural labels is purchased very quickly in the cosmetic industry.

Lip gloss belongs to the most popular lip makeup products used in the contemporary life by almost every woman. Due to the lip gloss for blue star ointment any woman can get charming, tempting, shining, and smooth lips just in a few seconds. Remember that you have to look good, it is very important and interesting Zorov hair as well, but about it separately written here blue star ointment. Today, a great number of companies are advertising natural lip gloss having the organic ingredients. But one of the disadvantages of such cosmetic products is that they are really excellent for your lips, but they are extremely expensive.

Fortunately, natural lip gloss can be produced in home surrounding if you certainly have the necessary contents. Besides, it's not that difficult to create your own lip gloss. Just with several components you can produce a natural lip gloss and keep it for some time. Besides, you can add colors and flavors to your lip gloss depending on your own personal preferences.

The major ingredients of your lip gloss are beeswax and extra virgin almond oil. What you need to do is to slightly heat this mixture with the help of indirect heating method. Never heat this mixture on stove directly because it will influence the healing power of the oils. Vitamin E is an important component of any lip gloss due to its antioxidant characteristics. So, vitamin E oil will nourish your lips making them very soft and smooth. Further you'll need to add several drops of vitamin E to the hot mixture after you've takes it from flame. Remember that the mixture shouldn't be steaming. Then you can add some essential oil - either mint, strawberry, or coffee according to the type and needs of your lips.

In addition, one can add some flavors of vanilla extract or cinnamon oil. As lip gloss is applied directly on your lips it may get into your mouth and you'll taste the pleasant fragrance of it. So, adding flavors will offer excellent aroma to your lip gloss. Besides, one can add some honey to offer a sweet taste to the lip gloss. Besides, honey is very useful for your lips as well.

The next step for you is to add colors to your lip gloss. In this stage you can use extracts of such fruits as strawberry, blackberry, blueberry or raspberry depending on your personal preferences. Remember that the shade of your lip gloss should be somewhat darker than the shade you're going to receive on your lips.

Finally, the mixture should be stirred and cooled. One can move keep it in a small container and use the lip gloss when it's needed. To apply the lip gloss use soft gloss brush on your lips. So, don't harm your lips with artificial gloss, but nourish them with a natural home-made lip gloss!

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