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The Problem with Getting Erections or Weak and Short-Term Erection

If you happen to encounter a difficulty with getting your penis up before the love-making intercourse or maintaining and sustaining the erection for long enough, it means that you are facing the syndrome of so called Erectile Dysfunction. The problem may prove to be transient, may disappear the way it came. On the other hand it quite well may be a manifestation of more serious trouble. Any way, the modern medical science offers a variety of ways to overcome the Erectile Dysfunction and you should not try to ignore it any longer in hope it will go away. One should realize that erectile dysfunction can be a serious threat to your familiar life style; it can lead to problems in relationship with people around you - your family, friends, co-workers, and, the most frustrating, your partners in bed.

Sooner or later in their life the majority of male population is likely to encounter the problem of the erectile dysfunction, and the older is the age, the higher the chances grow. According to survey that was conducted by the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey (NAMCS) in 1999, 22 persons out of every 1000 men suffered from Erectile Dysfunction and were willing to get help. That means 2% of the entire population of the country! About 50% of male persons of the ages between 40 and 70 report problems with obtaining and sustaining desirable quality of erections.

The first important step is to make sure what is the nature of the factor that causes the dysfunction, whether it is connected with physical or emotional conditions. The only reliable test to that issue is to leave out any possibility of having a physical disorder that may be a reason of the Erectile Dysfunction syndrome in this particular case.

As a rule some kind of physical ailment happens to be a reason for long-term erection disorders. Among those that occur most often there are such ailments as vascular irregularities that are caused by hardening of arteries and overall weariness. Some kinds of prescription drugs also are found among the sources of Erectile Dysfunction. But above-mentioned reasons are just a few among many others. But all of the Erectile Dysfunction causes have one thing in common - they lead to unsatisfactory blood circulation among the penis tissues.

As it has been proved, the physiological ailments are responsible for approximately 70% of cases with Erectile Dysfunction. 30% that are left are caused by reasons of psychological nature. Stresses, depressions and too low level of self-esteem are the most common cases among those factors. Their origin is to be found somewhere in the human brain.

In any case, if the erectile problem is long-lasting or just temporary, this embarrassing irregularity can be treated successfully and without side-effects nowadays, so one should not feel frustrated. The ways to treat the Erectile Dysfunction are numerous, both medical and non-medical, and they are able to help you avoid the problem in the future. An important condition of successful treatment the Erectile Dysfunction is adhering to a healthy lifestyle. Drugs, alcohol and tobacco smoking seriously aggravate the symptoms of the dysfunction.

As a rule doctors recommend sexual enhancement medication in the form of capsules to be taken orally or injections that are to be made straight into the penis. Viagra-like medicines has proved their efficiency and relived hundreds and hundreds of male persons from erection-related sexual problems all over the world. Nevertheless some brands of this kind of sexual enhancement pills could have undesirable side effects, for instance, vertigo, sickness, blurring of eyesight and others. They can happen to be incompatible with some other medicines that a person is taking at the moment. The pills should be taken approximately 60 minutes prior to beginning of love-making act. Penis enlargement surgery, when an implant or a penis pump is integrated into the male reproductive organ, is efficient methods, but they cost a lot and a long period of recuperation is needed. Besides in case of a penis pump a male will have to pump-up his member before he is able to make love.

Among the most common non-medical methods of curing Erectile Dysfunction there are psychological therapy, penis pumps, and administering herbal penis enlargement pills. In case the therapy sessions are conducted by an experienced registered sex therapist this method of treatment might be quite efficient and give positive results. But it has its own limitations, nevertheless. In the first place the therapy will not work with cases of non psychological-caused Erectile Dysfunction, it is not efficient against physical cases. The second limitation is connected with the fact that therapy sessions will take a lot of time and some people fell not at ease talking at length about their problems with erection. Penis pumps consist of a special tube into which a penis is inserted. Then you have to pump your member up till it reaches satisfactory state of erection. A special ring at the base keeps the erection hard. Penis pumps do help, but they do not cure the real problem, they just act as a temporary measure.

Another way to address the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction is to administer well-trusted and efficient herbal supplements, such as VigRX PlusT. These penis enhancement pills are formulated from 100% natural organically-produced plants that have proven their aphrodisiacal and erectile efficiency for many centuries. They were discovered in different countries all over the world - Chine, Africa, Asia, North and South Americas - carefully selected and mixed to produce unique balanced pill that is totally free from unpleasant side effects and, at the same time, gives quick beneficial results. The user is free to stop taking the pills at any moment without any adverse effects. Since the pills not only enhance the quality and duration of erections significantly, but also increase the libido, they are capable of addressing the problems that are caused by not only physical, but the psychological factors as well.

It should be noted that before administering of any kind of medication or undergoing any sort of treatment you need to see your physician and ask for an appropriate advice.

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